About CelticHeroes.Net!


- A map for each zone in Celtic Heroes. Zone Leypoints, boss and quest monster locations are on the maps. Maps have interactive content, navigate through them just as you would in game and the monster icons link to screen shots of the monsters!


- A list of the major quests in Celtic Heroes, with walk throughs and links (to the items database) of all the quest items needed and quest rewards.


- The one and only searchable online items database for Celtic Heroes! Search by any combination of Item Name, Item Description, Class and / or Slot and find any item in game.


- A list of all the player skills in Game.


- Our full list of screenshots for Boss, Quest and Rare monsters in Celtic Heroes!


- The Forums for CelticHeroes.Net! There are plans for the Forums. They won't just be Forums...

As always have fun and good hunting!