Carrowmore Tunnels


 - Mighty Mordris

 - Kul-Vasa the Undefeated - Level 140 Rare Weapons Boss
 - Fodbgen the Despoiler - Level 190 Rare Weapons Boss

 - Cabry the Squire (Level 100 Lux Shop)
 - Lord Ealdwin (Level 150 Lux Shop)

 - Priestess of Morrigan - Quest Mob for Meteoric Weapon

Quest Mobs for Dragonlord Armour & Weapons
 - Spider Queen Ulrob
 - High Priest Bor-Ag-Valon
 - High King Krem-Nor-Borok
 - Firbolg Champion Sreng
 - King Snorri Bonechewer

 - War Beast Trainer - Level 140 5* Boss. Always drops Greater, Grand or Royal Rings or a skill tome. Quick respawn.
 - Locations of Gold Loot Bosses - There is a 4* or 3* placeholder when killed will randomly spawn a 5* gold boss that drops GOLD and a ring (greater, grand or royal) or a skill tome.

 - Hunters Remains - Collect for Bounty Pledge quest in Farcrag Castle. Open the remains to recieve Shards. Hand in 9 shards to recieve a Bounty Pledge, needed to complete additional daily bounties.