The Murky Vaults


 - Efnisien the Necromancer
 - Hrungnir

 - Mor-Garak the Lizard King

Meteoric Armour Quest Bosses
 - Ironscale
 - Shivercowl
 - Coppinger the Cruel

Meteoric Armour Crystal Bosses
 - Twisted Crawler (minor)
 - Carack the Twisted (lesser)
 - Alva the Twisted (common)
 - Twisted Shambler (greater)
 - Twisted Stalker (grand)

Meteoric Weapon Quest Bosses
 - Elva Duskwatch
 - Aidan Shadowfist
 - Cearan Nightscar

 - Locations of Gold Loot Bosses - There is a 4* or 3* placeholder when killed will randomly spawn a 5* gold boss that drops GOLD and a ring (greater, grand or royal) or a skill tome.

 - Smugglers Potion - A repeatable quest from Dunskeig Sewers. Collect 5 sewer chests and hand them in to recieve a Smugglers Potion (cures and protects you from the Withering Pox in the Sewers, important for battling Hrungnir) and 1000XP!

 - Hunters Remains - Collect for Bounty Pledge quest in Farcrag Castle. Open the remains to recieve Shards. Hand in 9 shards to recieve a Bounty Pledge, needed to complete additional daily bounties.