Evasion Abilities 

There are 5 ability quests that need to be completed. The abilities grant your chracter the ability to resist attacks and skills from monsters and other players (in Arena). Look for the Statue icons  in Lir's Reach, Crookback Hollow and Shalemont Ravine for the locations of all the statues.

Favor of Epona
The statue from where you obtain the quest and turn the clovers in is found by the waterfall near the tavern  in Lir's Reach. You must collect 4 clovers. They are ground spawns and can be found in the patches of flowers in front of the tavern and surrounding hills.

This quest gives the Reflex ability which affects your resistance towards Bolas and Roots.

Favor of Taranis
Found in redstone cavern in Crookback Hollow, the Favor of Taranis quest asks the player to find and return to the statue a jasper, agate, bloodstone, amber and a tigers eye to the statue. These are common gemstones droped by an assortment of different mobs. Dustwither Catacombs is the best place to try and obtain these.

This quest gives the Vigour ability which is an Offensive DoT & Debuff dodging ability. Slew of Class DoT/Debuff abilities. Skills like Rend, Vines, Barbed Shot, Howling Wind. With a high Vigour you should be able to shrug off these DMG over time or Debuff abilities from Players, mobs and bosses so that their skill/spell DMG/effect is nullified. 

Favor of Daghda
The Favor of Daghda quest and statue is found near the waterfall at the crossroads in Lir's Reach. One must obtain 4 leaves from the four season dryads in Lirs Reach, one of summer, spring, winter and autumn. Look for the Orange Box  icons on the Lir's Reach map for the locations of the four Dryads.

This quest gives Fortitude ability which is Offensive Skill Deflection. Primarily Warrior & Rogue abilities. Skills like Pummel, Mighty Blow, Sneaky. With a high Fortititude you should be able to Shrug off violent attacks of other players, mobs and bosses so that their skill DMG doesn't harm you.

Favor of Lir
Behind the windmill in Highshore Village in Lir's Reach, the Favor of Lir statue asks for a crown of stone, crown of wood and a crown of bone. These are obtained by destroying 3 different statues that drop these crowns.

The first statue is in the Northern Peninsula, at Skullcrusher camp in Lir's Reach, is the statue of bone. The second statue is in Shalemont Ravine at the tower (statue of stone) right behind where Issan Firecry spawns. It is visable from gray gorge, but not accessable there. The third statue is in Stonevale at the north side of the island where Spearhorn walks.

Favor of Cerridwen
The Favor of Cerridwen statue is located at grey gorge where the entrance to Fingal's Cave is at in Shalemont Ravine. It asks for a Nightone of Cerridwen, a Startstone of Cerridwen and a Moonstone of Cerridwen.

These are dropped by various 4 and 5 star mobs in Shalemont Ravine as well as the 3 specific gem thieves in the zone. 

This quest gives the Warding ability, for Offensive Magic Deflection. Druid and Mage Direct Damage spells and their deflection is this ability's focus. Skills such as Lightning Bolt, Storm's Touch, Firebolt and Iceshards. With a high Warding ability you will be able to deflect spells of other players, mobs and bosses so that their spell DMG doesn't harm you.