Darkshadow Armour

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The Shadow armor quests where introduced in the Halloween 2012 event and where supposed to be removed at the end of the event. Due to overwhelming demand from the player base OTM decided to keep the armor quests in the game. The armor is a good addition for caster classes (Mage and Druid). The quest has changed a great deal when Android was released and with the Destiny engine update on IOS.

The Duskshadow Armor quest starting NPC is Elwen the Scholar and he is located in Stonevale at the Stonevale Farm. The first quest for the gloves becomes available at level 60 and each additional piece of the armor becomes available every 5 levels after. For each piece he will ask you to collect 5 drops from the mobs in Stonevale. See the table below for what is needed. And, yes, as always with OTM, they are rare drops. Be prepared to kill armies of boars, fairies, wisps, unicorns and bloodgroves to obtain all the quest items needed.

Armor Level Quest item(s) Location
Gloves 60 5 Corrupted Boar Tusks Northeast Stonevale - Boars
Boots 65 5 Faerie Talismans South Stonevale - Faeries
Hood 70 5 Summoning Stones Paths north of Farm - Blue Wisps
Breeches 75 5 Corrupted Unicorn Horns North Stonevale - Unicorns
Cuirass 80 5 Bloodgrove Grimoires Northwest Stonevale - Bloodgrove Druids