Meteoric Armor Quests 

The Metoric Armor quest is available to those who are at least level 85 and have completed part or all of the Warden quest. This quest allows you to upgrade the piece of Warden armor you have into the more powerful Meteoric armor. This quest is avaiable from the Wardens in Lirs Reach at the Standing Stones. Each armor piece has a requirement of 3 remnants + 3 tablets + a "meteoric gem". Each remnant and tablet is different for each class and armor piece. The pieces needed are listed below:

Meteoric Armour & Weapon
Druid -  Mage -  Ranger -  Rogue -  Warrior


Gloves: Level 85 & Warden Gloves; talk to Warden Brivos
Boots: Level 90 & Warden Boots; talk to Warden Rhallai
Helm: Level 95 & Warden Helm; talk to Warden Vinda
Legs: Level 100 & Warden Legs; talk to Warden Eanan
Chest: Level 105 & Warden Breastplate; talk to Warden Griga

Ranger - Lunar Armour

Warrior - Astral Armour

Meteoric Crystals

Meteoric Gems can be found in Dunskeig Sewers. Look for the icon mobs. They each drop Meteoric Crystals as Listed below:

Remnants and Tablets Mobs:

Look for the Red Star icon  on the maps to locate all the mobs that drop the Tablets and Remnants needed for the meteoric quests.

Rockbelly - Remnants of Space, Stars, and Metal - Lirs Reach
Coppinger the Cruel - Mind Tablets, Air Tablets, and Fire Tablets - Dunskeig Sewers

Shivercowl - Remnants of Stars, Metal, and Rock - Dunskeig Sewers
Spearhorn - Air Tablets, Fire Tablets, and Earth Tablets - Stonevale

Ironscale - Remnants of Metal, Rock and Earth - Dunskeig Sewers
Redbane - Fire Tablets, Earth Tablets, and Water Tablets - Shalemont Ravine

Bonehead - Remnants of Rock and Earth - Crookback Hollow
Bladewing - Earth Tablets and Water Tablets - Stonevale

Stonefang - Remnants of Earth - Lirs Reach
Goretusk - Water Tablets - Stonevale