Onyx and Obsidian Armour Quests

Upon Reaching Level 170 Lazhar the Alchemist located in the Bridge of Despair at the Vision of Misery leystone will begin offering the Alchemical armour quests. At level 190 he will offer the Occult armour quests to upgrade the Alchemical armour.

Each piece of Alchemical armour requires 10 Alchemical Vials to be turned into Lazhar. Each armour piece can upgraded to Occult armour for an additional 20 Alchemical Vials. To obtain the Alchemical Vials kill numerous monsters in the Gelebron's Tower zones. Nearly all the mobs in the Gelebron's Tower zones drop the vials (the exception is the chaos monsters around Exalted Dragonlord bosses).

Alchemical armour (all classes)

Occult Armour (all classes)